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Fake Accounts and Hosting Problems
December 12, 2008, posted by admin

Hey $member ,

Throughout the months that Pinky Arcade has been online, we have noticed it being offline more than it being online. I am sorry for this rant, but it's just horrible how some hosting companies are these days. Even with a powerful dedicated server for hundreds per month, problems are still occurring left and right.

Another big problem Pinky Arcade has to deal with these past weeks are all those fake multiple accounts being created daily. Some accounts have been deleted already, but because the script we're running now was not created with much functions, some users are getting past our security. Over the next few weeks, you might notice some changes on Pinky Arcade. We have a brand new design coming soon and it will be updated live, so some of you may start seeing errors on certain pages, but they would be fixed right away. After the brand new design comes up, the script will be upgraded to a newer one, which would be more user friendly.

I would personally want to thank you for sticking around with us through all these trouble we have been through. Stay tuned because my team and I will definitely not let you or any of the other members down. Because this is the month of giving, there may be more prizes coming soon with honorable mentions to long time members. This way everyone could share the season of giving!

Happy Holidays!

Joan Mark
Owner of Pinky Arcade

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