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Summer School At Pinky Arcade
May 30, 2009, posted by admin

Summer is pretty much here now for kids and adults because this is the time when school is over and everyone is out to have some fun.

At the beginning of May, we decided to show EVERYONE around the world the new theme of Pinky Arcade. It has been months since this theme has been worked on, but now that it is out in public eye, we would really like to know what all of you guys think.

There are still problems here and there on the site, but we are adding more new features and making things much more fun for all of you. Comments and Ratings have been added, but more things will be added soon to make use of all those features. Just a bit and you may start seeing high score charts for games ;) What that means is, we could finally have a new way to choose new prize winners daily by taking a look at the daily high score.

Since Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Governator of California, decided to cut summer school classes for a huge percentage of children, we have decided to bring forth more hourly prize giveaways.

We want everyone to enjoy Pinky Arcade without having to turn back and look at how the economy has failed or how gas prices are starting to go up again.

What we hope that you would do for us here at Pinky Arcade is bring more of your friends over here and play more games. Basically the more games are played and the more visitors there are daily, we can provide a lot more FREE stuff for all of you!

Have fun and enjoy the summer!

Pinky Arcade

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  • Prizes
  • $50 Grand Prize Of Choice
    7 Times
  • $20 Toys R Us Gift Card
    7 Times
  • $20 Best Buy Gift Card
    15 Times
  • $20 Online Retailer Of Choice
    12 Times
  • $20 Paypal
    18 Times
  • $10 Toys R Us Gift Card
    7 Times
  • $10 Best Buy Gift Card
    9 Times
  • $10 Online Retailer Of Choice
    7 Times
  • $10 Paypal
    6 Times
  • $5 Certificate
    15 Times
  • $5 Paypal
    11 Times