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Big news!
July 10, 2009, posted by admin

We would like to update all of you little Pinkies what is happening here on Pinky Arcade.

We're sure now 100% of you have seen the new layout and looks of Pinky Arcade and we are surely hoping all of you enjoy the freshness of it.

Although it is just recent that we moved things around and added more new features, things aren't even 50% complete.

Here is a list of what you guys will encounter soon or are finished..

1. Viewing high scores of high score enabled games with the ability to see a specific Pinky Arcade member's score.
2. Ability to challenge other players in high score games.
3. Award "Badges" or trophies will be given to high score winners and plastered on their member account page for all to see.
4. System to track down multiple accounts created by the same user. This feature is actually live now, but we have not enforced this. This will start catching cheaters in the future.
5. Reloading games on page. This feature is also live and allows you to easily reload a game without refreshing the page.
6. Possibility of adding "QUESTS" on high score games, which allows you to win badgets/prizes for each requirement met in a specific game. For example, reaching a certain score would allow you to move onto the next stage.
7. RSS Feeds are now enabled, so you may keep track of the latest added games or latest category specific game.
8. New thumbnails and descriptions are being worked on, but will take a lot more time. When finished, users will see newer and better descriptions and thumbnails for each game.

*9. Newer and more friendly site design. *SECRET*

It is a big list and we are hoping to have a huge grand re-opening of Pinky Arcade by the start of the new school year in September.

We are hoping to have it done by the 1st of September, but we can't promise anything as this change will be HUGE!!

If you have any opinions or suggestions, feel free to contact us and we will definitely read it over.

We hope you all a fun time on Pinky Arcade!

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